How to tell if you and your date are ‘financially compatible’

For the latest business news and markets data, please visit CNN Business. For many singles, bad credit can be a deal breaker when it comes to finding love. Most respondents also said money management skills are just as important as looks when deciding whether someone is worth pursuing. This is especially true for women, with nearly all female respondents ranking financial responsibility and financial compatibility as more important or just as important as career ambition, physical attraction and sex and intimacy, the survey found. Male respondents said financial savvy is just as important as physical attraction, slightly less important than sex and intimacy and much more important than career ambition. Related: Do you only date people with perfect credit? Share your story. Credit scores are calculated based on your payment history, amount owed, the types of credit you have and the number of years that credit has been available to you. Linda Basloe, a year-old from Herkimer, N. Why such concern over this magic number?

I only date guys with high credit scores

Though this might not be the tagline on most online dating profiles, money matters are a very big deal in relationships. Unfortunately, financial conversations are not the easiest — or sexiest— talks to have with partners , which leads too many of us to postpone or avoid the topic altogether. So how can we approach this often touchy topic? We checked in with experts who broke down for us why finances — and specifically debt — should factor into your dating decisions before you get too serious with Mr.

Because while partnerships mean love, matching slippers and Netflix-and-chill nights, they also mean — in some way or other — combining finances. Even if you keep separate bank accounts, your finances impact your partner and vice versa.

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When relationships start, the spark and connection can make them seem perfect. Credit card fraud? Who cares? Everything is wonderful. Is your romantic future doomed? More often than not, money trouble leads to friction.

Should Bad Credit be a Dating Dealbreaker?

Subscriber Account active since. With money a common cause of divorce and one of the main reasons couples seek marriage counseling , finances should be high priority on the list of conversations to have with your partner before getting married. While there are plenty of financial red flags that are easy to miss early on in the lust stage of a relationship — like tipping big, always buying shoes, or going to the racetrack often — the biggest indication of their financial situation comes when sitting down and showing each other your credit reports, Orman said.

Here’s the reason why,"” she said. I guarantee you, financial abuse will start to happen and there will go the relationship.

Many see a poor credit score as a dating turn-off, Bankrate’s survey “I would date someone with a poor credit score,” says Pamela Sisson,

Your credit score sums up your credit history and not your relationship, however, many common post-nuptial life leaps like creating joint bank accounts or buying a home together can be impacted by your credit scores. These moments can turn from exciting to stressful if you discover that one of you has a financial history or habits that are holding you back from creating the fairy tale you dreamed of. Here are some common scenarios:.

Tying the knot will not automatically affect your credit score, but your union likely means there are situations on the horizon in which your financial habits and credit histories together will impact your shared goals. Open communication is vital in building any strong relationship. You and your partner can sign up for Credit Health Insights to get your free credit score and easily keep tabs on it with the suite of credit monitoring tools and resources that come with it at no cost.

If I change my name, my credit history will be erased. See above. Your credit history, whether good or bad, will stick with you just like your social security number. Only if you open a joint account together or if one of you adds the other as an authorized user will your accounts be connected, in which case activity on these accounts can impact your credit reports.

Should You Date Someone With A Bad Credit Score?

However, everyone has a breaking point or limit to the type of loser to date. Is dating a credit score loser such a bad thing especially if that person wants to improve his or her credit score? How do you know if you are dating a credit score loser?

If you marry someone with bad credit or a spending problem, you may For example, if you’re dating someone with a credit score and they.

Having good credit is an important factor in maintaining one’s financial health, but should it be a factor in your relationships? Bluntly, is it okay to date someone with terrible credit? The answer is yes, it is okay — unless you are planning a future with them. It’s not only their actual credit score that may cause problems for you in the future, but their attitude towards their credit and financial health overall. Asking someone you’re simply dating about their credit score over dinner is definitely a bit crass, but if the relationship is getting serious and marriage is on the horizon, shouldn’t your financial goals and priorities be in line with one another?

Data compiled by the financial management website Manila showed that 65 percent of respondents said they argue about money with their partner. Good or bad credit has an impact on a person’s financial status, and if your potential life partner’s credit score is in the dumps, there are a couple ways this can affect your otherwise happy life together. Bad credit could point to deeper issues of irresponsibility.

Bad credit can be the result of late or forgotten payments.

Is Bad Credit a Dating Deal Breaker?

Others are more interested in another number. A high credit score can help predict whether someone is trustworthy. By showing an interest in these three digits, people are probably being smart rather than shallow, says Jeffrey Hall, associate professor of communications at the University of Kansas. What people do and say in the early days of dating might have an impact later on.

If you marry someone whose debt keeps their credit score prohibitively low, you can quite literally find yourself being one person trying to carry.

Read on to learn more. The trick here is to decide whether your S. If not, his debt — and secrecy — can be the beginning of the end. Should you stay or go? In my case, my now husband was in debt when our relationship started to grow more serious. I was debt-free, and to be honest, his debt bothered me. But, I gave him the benefit of the doubt and together we created a plan that would help him eliminate his debt. He stuck with it and I stayed with him because he was willing to commit to paying down his debt.

Pro tip: if your partner is honest with you and has plans to become debt-free, you may want to support him and stay the course. But, if your S. You will need this as you may eventually move in together, get married, have kids, buy a house, or combine finances in other ways. When you manage money together, it helps to be on the same page.

Will he be paying it off himself or will you be helping? Will you move in together to lower your living expenses?

Will Marrying Someone With Bad Credit Hurt My Credit Score?

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“[I] made it a last date.” To cater to the credit-obsessed, there are even dating sites where you can find someone in your score range. At.

We can overlook a lot in the name of love, the snoring, leaving the toilet seat up, beauty products multiplying on every bathroom surface. But some things can be dangerous to overlook. Please note; these are not questions for first dates! Or for those you are planning just to date casually. A lot of student loans have manageable interest rates.

Seven million of us though, have student loans in default. This is a much more serious problem with long-term consequences. Student loan debt is not discharged during bankruptcy or nearly under any other circumstance. A defaulted student loan will tank a credit score which means if will be that much more difficult if you want to buy a home with this person. Wages, tax refunds, and even Social Security payments can be garnished to repay student loans.

Credit card debt is another gray area when considering a partner.

Marrying somebody with bad credit